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I'm interested in people and their stories; from the bizarre to the mundane I love it all. I instantly fell in love with the Mission neighborhood when I moved to San Francisco about three years ago. Last year when I moved to the Mission I started documenting people on the street. See the results in the Mission Faces gallery below.

The Mission Faces project was featured in an SF Weekly article:

I'm trying to get the Mission Faces project into a gallery so please spread the word.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin. After high school I moved to St. Paul, MN for College where I studied Political Science at Macalester College. My interest in people and their stories makes me a natural fit for my work as a social worker in Oakland. I work as a counselor with homeless and mentally ill young adults.

I'm also working as a freelance photographer on evenings and weekends. Please contact me to discuss your photography needs.

-Jeremiah Maller RJMALLER [AT] G M A I L [DOT] COM


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